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Living on Orchard Mesa

Orchard Mesa, ColoradoOrchard Mesa is a neighborhood in Grand Junction, Colorado. In fact, it is the OLDEST inhabited area of Grand Junction.  Located on the south side of the Colorado River,

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Reasons to Consider an Older Home

Homes in Grand Junction / Western Colorado come in a huge variety of styles. However, people are often surprised to discover the vast number of Victorian Homes stretching across the western plains.

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Xeriscaping: Low Water Landscaping

One of the most interesting aspect of life in the desert is landscaping. In areas like the east coast or plains plentiful rain means it's easy to maintain lots of grass and tall mature trees. Out

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Small Kitchen Ideas

Perhaps you've recently found the *almost perfect home to buy or rent. It's got the right amount of rooms, some outdoor space, and it's near work. However, the kitchen is smaller than you'd prefer.

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