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Multiple housing projects coming to the north area

There is a flurry of activity in the north area, with several new residential areas coming into the market, as well as new commercial projects. Improved infrastructure and public spaces, along with

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Commercial Projects Continue to Move Forward

Commercial projects continue to move forwardCommercially SpeakingPenny Stine The commercial real estate market moves at a slower pace than the residential market, as projects tend to have

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Loma, Colorado Living

Good status quo for the Loma and Mack real estate market:By: Penny StineWhile there is a lot of general activity out in the Loma and Mack area this springtime, there aren't a lot of changes in the

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Southeast Grand Junction: More housing options at an affordable price

Penny Stine, Real Estate WeeklyNew homes and new neighborhoods are under construction all across the Pear Park/southeast part of town, with multiple builders and developers working in the area.Some

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