Facts about HOAs

Dated: January 13 2022

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If you're looking for a new home you may hear about Home Owners Associations or, HOAs.  HOAs are seen as negatives by some, but these associations often have benefits.

Facts about HOAs

In the city of Grand Junction many areas are required to be landscaped and maintained. This includes common areas in subdivisions. If no HOA is involved no one in the subdivision knows who's in charge. Who is supposed to take care of that space? HOAs usually take care of maintaining common areas, landscaping, mowing, and sometimes even irrigation.  

While some HOAs provide snow removal, others at least provide phone calls to your neighbors to remind them of their role in the snow removal. When learning facts about HOAs it's important to know where yours stands on this sort of issue.

If you are building a home, or plan to renovate a home in a neighborhood with an HOA check the guidelines. Often Home Owners Associations have guidelines about the style of home that can be built, particular roofing materials, height restrictions, etc.  Some even have guidelines about RV parking, political signs, and holiday lights.

If you are unsure about an HOA but definitely want to build or buy in a particular neighborhood, get involved. Go to HOA meetings once you've moved in and introduce yourself. You may find yourself on the board come next year! Ready to look for a new home? Contact us! 

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