Why move to Western Colorado?

Dated: May 19 2022

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For those who've never been here, Western Colorado is often a surprising place. Most people think Colorado is one thing: mountains.  While we do have a lot of those, the closer it gets to Utah, the more desert-like Colorado becomes. So, why live in, or move to, Western Colorado? 

Why Move to Western Colorado

Western Colorado is growing. Jobs here are recovering faster from the pandemic years than the rest of the state.  We've got a burgeoning tech business scene happening too.  From public lands and outdoor recreation jobs to those in health care, we've got plenty to offer!

Western Colorado is sunny.  We have over 300 days of sunshine each year, on average. That means there is plenty of sun for biking, rafting, golfing, hiking, playing pickleball, or rock climbing! During the winter our little resort, Powderhorn, often lives up to its name!

Western Colorado is historic...if that's what you want.  The homes in Western Colorado vary from brand new custom built homes to historic Victoria Cottages and mid-century modern ranch homes. New apartment buildings are going up too, providing affordble housing options. 

Finally, Western Colorado is still rural. Places like Delta, Cedaredge and Ridgway provide options for a more rural yet close-to-the-mountains feel.  On the opposite end, living in Fruita offers options for acreage and country setting. 

So, if you start researching Grand Junction, or Western Colorado and think it might not be for you, come for a visit! Let us show you some up and coming neighborhoods that might be just right for your family. 

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