Top Grand Junction Mountain Bike Trails

Dated: August 21 2021

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Top Grand Junction Mountain Bike Trails

One of the many reasons people move to Grand Junction, Colorado is for recreational opportunities.  With over 300 days of sunshine, the Grand Valley is the perfect place to hike, bike, raft, camp, and explore.  We're 45 minutes from our local ski resort, Powderhorn, and within 2 hours of Snowmass and Telluride. When it comes to outdoor sports though, mountain biking ranks #1 here in Western Colorado.  Our mountain bike expert breaks down some of the top Grand Junction Mountain Bike trails below. 

Top Grand Junction Mountain Bike Trails

Whether you're a novice or an expert rider, Grand Junction has a mountain bike trail perfect for you! We have 3 main mountain bike areas: The Grand Junction Tabeguache/Lunch Loop trails, the Kokopelli Trails area, and the 18 Road North Fruita Desert Area. We'll discuss a few trails from each of these bike spots.

Lunch Loop:

For beginners at Lunch Loop, you're going to be in for a bumpy ride! Lunch Loop has some of our most technical and advanced trails in the valley and its terrain means even beginner trails will be rocky.  Try Kids Meal, which is just south of the parking lot, for a start.  Kids Meal has a few areas where you can choose the "easy" route or an "intermediate" or "advanced" route.  Hop, Skip and a Jump is also a great beginner trail and is just east of the parking lot. 

For advanced riders, you can't go wrong with Holy Cross.  This trail is an oldie but goodie for mountain bikers in the valley; you'll see HOW to ride all the features, but can you actually ride them all? Test your mettle with this one! Climb the main trail or take Pet-Y-Kes up and then connect with the main trail until you see the turn off for Holy Cross right across from the Rock. Ride Holy Cross (no shame in walking when you need to) and then, after climbing "holy cross hill" hang a left to head back to the trailhead.


Ruster's Loop at the Kokopelli trails is one of the best loops for beginners.  It has signs explaining how to ride certain features, and much of the trail is rideable by beginners.  The parts that are a little harder are good places to session a move or to watch others demonstrate how to ride it.  The end is pure grins!

For those looking for something different, I recommend Lion's Loop and Hawkeye.  A blend of old and new, this trail has a little bit of everything.  Lion's Loop is one of the oldest bike trails at the Kokopelli area and it shows. It doesn't have perfectly ramped drops or ledges; it has ruts, drops, steep rubbly doubletrack climbs, and exposed downhills.  It's. a. blast! At the end of Lion's, you can get to Hawkeye a few ways: turn right and you'll reach a fork.  The right fork will lead you up 2 very steep hills and towards Mack Ridge. This is a fun section of Mack Ridge and you can follow it left/east until Mack intersects with Hawkeye.  If you'd prefer a bit of a break from tech, turn left and then watch for a series of posts/cables on your right.  There's a faded singletrack trail here that will avoid much of Mack Ridge but again, will intersect with it and take you to Hawkeye..

Hawkeye is one of our newest Loma trails. Going down it means fun switchbacks, lots of technical spots (with A and B options), drops, ramps, up-and-overs, you name it! You'll slide back into the parking lot at Mack wanting to do that ride every time you're here. 

18 Road

To finish off our list of Top Grand Junction Mountain Bike Trails, we'll head to 18 road, in the North Fruita Desert. 18 road is often a place where families of mountain bikers gather because it has easier trails in general, and camping.  The camping is first-come first-served, so you may want to have a backup plan. 

Kessel Run - Lower Kessel Run is a blast for kids, even on strider bikes. Many times a group of advanced riders has gathered at the bottom to cheer on little ones making their way down the run. Kessel is pure fun! The upper half has a few more rocks and trees to deal with, but the lower part is just smooth sailing! 

Zippity Do Dah - for those looking for more thrills, you'll have to find them on Zippity Do Dah.   The "experts only" trail still isn't as rocky as a Lunch Loop trail, but it has steeper downhills than you'll find almost anywhere else in the valley!  

There are so many trails that could be "top" Grand Junction Mountain Bike trails; these are just a few! If you're thinking of moving to the Grand Valley so that you can ride these trails all year long, contact us to get started on your home search!

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